A Bad Idea

This one’s for all the new dads out there. When you’re sitting on the couch with your family, do not show your son how much fun it is to pick up a pillow and bop his mom. Even though it is incredibly tempting – and I realize that it is incredibly tempting – resist.

Yes, it is inordinately fun watching him shout "Pillow Bop" as he hits people with a pillow so large he can barely carry it. Yes, there is a certain amount of pride to be taken in the way that he sneaks his way behind furniture to catch people by surprise.

However, all that starts to fade as you realize that you have created a pillow ninja. Worried that you’re not paying enough attention to the little guy? Relax, he’ll be hitting you with a pillow any moment now.

Yes, it is impressive that he manages to move so quietly while hefting that huge pillow over his head. And yes, it is a testament to how engrossed you are – playing with your other son – that you don’t notice him sneak up behind you.

However, having a pillow suddenly smack in you the face (or the back of your head) any moment your attention has wandered… Well, it’s inconvenient.

And regardless of how much your wife and friends may appreciate the Pink Panther, they probably won’t be very understanding when the pillow actually hits them in the head.

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