That\’s my boy!

We’ve sort of developed a "Sherbet" tradition here. That seems to be our dessert of choice after dinner: a scoop or two of Sherbet with a little whipped cream. C loves it, and it’s not too unhealthy.

This evening we were eating dessert, and J thought it would be fun to put a little dollop of whipped cream on N’s tray. He scoops a little bit and puts it cautiously in his mouth – and then breaks out into this big grin. Letting out a giggle, he grabs a whole handful. That’s fairly tough because the whipped cream squishes through his fingers. So he happily starts licking his hand and fingers clean.

At this point, C does something to get our attention. We were, after all, focussing completely on his brother. Anyway, when we look back at N, he’s face down on his eating tray with his hands straight out to either side.

Having given up on his hands, he’s simply licking the tray clean of whipped cream.

That’s my boy!

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