A Sad Sad Story

Before starting this one, it’s important to realize that C loves trains – all sorts of trains. For example, going to Disneyworld is simply a way of seeing different types of trains: the parking lot train (tram), the monorail trains, the indoor trains (the rides), the train around the park, and, of course, the "roller coaster trains".

This past weekend, I took him grocery shopping, and as we were driving there, he announced "We’re going on a roller coaster train!"

"No," I said. "Just shopping."

"Roller coaster train! Hooray!"

"No. Grocery shopping"

This went on for several minutes until he came up with "We’re going grocery shopping on a Roller Coaster Train!"

The conversation continued until we pulled into the parking lot. At which point, he became very quiet. As I lifted him out of the seat, he looked at me with the saddest expression you’ve ever seen. Clearly trying not to cry, he said very quietly "No roller coaster train."

No. No roller coaster train. Just shopping.

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