Too Cute for Words

[Just a short one today. I’m working feverishly on a Big Upgrade to the site]

We’ve been working on potty training C since December. For those without kids, yes, it can take that long. C has no problem using the potty, his problem is that he doesn’t recognize those internal rumblings which tell the rest of us to run to the bathroom. To him, they’re still just interesting gurgling feelings.

Last night, J was getting C changed and for some reason decided to let him use the guest bathroom to go potty. She left so that he could do his business and because N was demanding attention. After a few minutes, she asked me to make sure he was okay.

So, I stuck my head around the door.

C was completely naked on the toilet with his clothes sitting in a pile in front of him. He was also too far back on the toilet – his backside had sunk in so far that he was holding himself up with his elbows and knees. You’d think he’d be worried about that, but instead he was looking at a book held (upside down) in his hands and propped on those same knees.

He noticed me when I chuckled. "Hi Daddy. I’m reading a book!"

What could I do? I nodded seriously and closed the door to give him some privacy.

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