You know your child is bored when…

Yesterday morning I came down a little early to join C for breakfast. When I walked into the kitchen, he was sitting at the table with a piece of raisin toast sitting in front of him. J was off doing something else.

He had his hands over his eyes and was slowly counting: "1..2…3…4…". I quietly sat down. When he got to ten, he took his hands off his eyes and said "Hide and seek! Here I come!"

He looked around, spotted the banana sitting next to his plate and pointed at it. "There you are! I see you!"

Then he saw me: "Oh. Hi, Daddy!"

And he covered his eyes up again and started to count.

What else could I do? I hid the banana behind some napkins.

Hey, if your kid is going to play hide and seek with a banana, the least you can do is help the banana to hide.

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