Round 2 to N

We were moving furniture last weekend. At one point, J was off doing something and I was "watching" C & N. I say "watching" because I was actually shoving furniture around, carrying boxes, and looking in on the two guys every couple minutes.

Mostly I was listening for screaming.

Despite their huge age difference (C is currently about 3 times as old as N), they wrestle like maniacs. When this first started, I was very defensive of N. I’d pull C off and lecture him about "being nice" and tell him to "be gentle". After watching N crawl across the floor to grab his brother’s legs and knock him over, however, I decided I’d best stay out of it. If N is going to pick the fights, he’s going to have to live with the consequences.

Last weekend was no different. When I left them, C & N were wrestling between an oversized cushy chair and its ottoman. Both pieces of furniture are large, and the ottoman is a big cushiony thing with fabric reaching all the way to the floor.

I was taking apart a bed when I heard a loud shout come from the other room. I ran over to find C lying on his back between the chair and the ottoman. N was on the other side of the ottoman pushing it towards the chair – squeezing C between them.

It’s important to realize that N hasn’t mastered walking yet. I can think of no way that he could possibly have managed to get C to lie on his back between the two pieces of furniture and stay there long enough for him to crawl around the ottoman, pull himself to standing, and then start pushing it.

But that’s apparently what happened. As bad as I feel for C, I have to give a bit of gruding respect to N, and mark it down: Round 2 to N.

This isn’t their first battle, of course. Here was round 1.

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