One of the disagreements that J and I have had is about how to refer to private parts. I prefer using polite euphemisms like "privates" or "tinkler". She prefers using the more medical term "penis".

Since she’s the one who gets to spend the most time with C, she won this argument by default.

For the past several months, C has been working on his gender identification ("daddy’s a boy. mama’s a girl"). I guess these lessons must have reached a new high.

This past weekend, in the middle of N’s 1st birthday party, C walked up to nana (my mother), put his hands on his hips, and said very loudly "Nana, you don’t have a penis!"

Not quite sure she heard correctly, Nana nodded and said "you’re right. I don’t have any peanuts."

C looked at me in confusion for a moment and then decided to go with it. He nodded, said "yes", and then moved on to his next victim.

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