Daddy Bear

A couple weekends ago, we had a lot of house guests – more than we had beds. This meant that C was moved into our room to spend the night so that someone could sleep in his bed. He settled down in a make shift bed (actually a small couch) next to our bed, and slept pretty well.

Until about 2 in the morning, that is. That’s when he woke up, scared and crying: "Scared! C scared!"

J got out of bed and went to comfort him. "What is it? What?"

"Bear." sniffle, sniffle, sniffle, "Snoring. Bear Snoring! Scary bear!"


"Daddy. Daddy snoring like a bear! Scary bear."

J laughed. "Daddy won’t snore any more. Right Daddy? No snoring."

C nodded. "No snoring, daddy. No snoring."

No respect. That’s the problem here. No respect.

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