Bye Bye Boat!

C loves boats almost as much as he loves trains. He loves waving and shouting "Hi" when they arrive, and he loves waving and shouting "bye" when they leave.

Last week, I took the boys to Epcot while J was working. We had a great time, and towards the end of the trip we took the boat ride across the lake in the middle of the park.

After the boat docked, we walked up to stand behind the fence and wait for the boat to load up again and leave. We had a great location, right by the open-air back of the boat. When it pulled away, there were about 20 people standing there.

C waved his hand and shouted "Bye!" – but no one answered. He looked at me, confused. With a sinking feeling, I waved my hand at the boat and joined him: "Bye!" There was no way I was going to let him get rejected alone.

This gave him more confidence. He jumped up and down, shouting. "Bye! Bye people! Bye children! Bye!" N even started waved his hand, though his "bye" sounded more like "baa!"

Still no response. We could see the people and see that they saw us – but not one of them waved or said bye. A few turned away to look somewhere else.

C looked at me again and said "They couldn’t hear us. Too far away." Then he started waving again. This time he shouted "Bye! Bye Boat! Bye Boat!"

If the people weren’t going to answer, he was still going to have fun saying bye to the boat.

I’m filing this under "sad" not because it was sad for C, but because of how sad those people were. How pathetic is it to be at Disney and not be willing to wave back to a 3 year old? Those people might as well have been standing in a subway on the way to work for all they were enjoying life.

And that is really sad.

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