A tradition gone wrong

N started doing a very odd thing this past weekend, and it has taken me this long (about 5 days) to figure it out.

Let’s see if you do any better.

Our neighborhood has a community pool, which we go to fairly frequently. It was at the end of one such visit that N came running over to me, grabbed my big toe and said "AAAAaahhhhhh" with a really big smile.

I smiled down at him, a little uncertainly, and looked at J. She appeared not to notice. Suspecting myself to be the victim of some complicated practical joke, I kept my silence.

Since then, every time I’ve been in the den with my shoes off (which isn’t very often), N has come running over to grab my big toe, smile, and say "AAAaaaahhhhh!"

It’s the weirdest thing, and I’ve been going crazy trying to figure it out. Yesterday, it hit me as I was saying goodbye – and that’s a pretty big hint. Figured it out?

If so, you’re quicker than I am.

You see, he has taken one of our traditions, and changed it. Some might even say "twisted it".

"Toe love"? Blech.

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