With everyone else in the family sick yesterday, I went home early from work at noon to try to help out. J went right to bed, and I had the kids for the rest of the day.

The biggest challenge for me with the kids is nap time. In particular, C doesn’t like to nap when I’m around. Getting him to take a nap can sometimes take up to an hour. You’re probably wondering why I don’t just put him down for a nap – exert my parental authority, as it were. With naps, this doesn’t work. When I force him into a nap, he ends up crying in bed for a half hour or so.

Yesterday was no different. After putting N down for a nap, I returned to C’s room only to be greeted by him saying "No Nap!" Naturally, I agreed. No, no nap, he was just going to play quietly while I read stories.

And so the game was on.

About 5 minutes later, however, N started howling. C didn’t want me to go, so I explained to him. "Don’t you hear? He’s sad. I want to help. I want him to be happy. Just like I want you to be happy."

He agreed with this, and I went and retrieved N.

Now, however, my nap manipulations were much tougher. C and N together can combat my sleep inducing activities much more effectively than when they’re apart.

I tried two more times to put N down, but with no success. As for C, well, I had no chance. You see, I had inadvertently given him a new weapon to use against me.

Everytime I’d suggest that he was sleepy, C would reply with "No, I’m not sleepy, I’m happy!" and this weird little forced smile.

He used it the whole day.

I’d say "time to go potty!" and he’d say "No, Not potty. I’m happy!"

Time for dinner? Nope, don’t want to do that. C’s happy, after all.

And that’s what I want, isn’t it?

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