Why I can’t homeschool

C loves to take baths. He splashes around, floats his little toys, and just has a blast. The natural extension of this love of baths is his disappointment when it’s time for the bath to be over.

He’s learned how the drain stopper works, but understands that once I pull it, he’s not allowed to put it back in. No, that wasn’t an easy lesson to impress on him.

The other day, we were sitting and watching the water go down the drain, and he looked at me and said “Why does it do that?”

I wasn’t sure what he meant. “You mean, why does the water go down the drain?”


“Ah. Gravity.”

He looked at me, probably to see if I was joking, and then at the drain. “Oh, okay. Gravity.”

I should have left well enough alone, but I just couldn’t. I followed up with the question “Makes sense?”


And he stood up to get out of the now empty bath.

I really don’t know how homeschoolers do it.

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