A Night of Poker

Part of our routine each night is to read stories before bedtime. We get the kids all ready for bed and then sit on the couch and read a couple stories while they drink their milk and eat some goldfish crackers.

Last night, C made it to the couch first. I sat down and handed him his milk. He looked over at me and said "I love you daddy."

Surprised, I smiled. "Well, I love you, too."

Then he said "Poke!" and reached over to poke me in the belly. Naturally, I poked him back.

J arrived with the books as we were poking each other: "Poke!", "Poke!", "Poke!", "Poke!"

With a motherly "Okay, settle down", she sat between us. That effectively stopped the poking. Normally, J and I both read, but I’ve had a terrible cough for about a week now, so J is doing the reading.

She opened the book to start. N, who was sitting in my lap, reached over to poke her. "Poke!" [The proud daddy in me feels compelled to point out that this was the first time he had ever said "poke"]

I laughed while J reacted: "He said Poke! He said Poke!".

On the other side of her, C caught on quickly. He gave her a poke. "Poke!"

Of course, I did the same. "Poke!" She was, after all, sitting between us – surrounded by pokers, as it were. To recap the next several minutes:

"Poke!", "Poke!"
"I said – "
"Poke!", "Poke!", "Poke!"
"It’s time to -"

… you get the idea.

I love poker night!

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