100th tale: A pop quiz!

Well, this is it: my 100th tale. After much pondering, I’ve decided to depart drastically from my usual format. Instead of telling you a story, I’m going to give you a pop quiz. If you don’t know the answer to a question, just click the “Answer here” link to see the story – or at least part of it.

I’ve broken the quiz down into 5 different questions for each of the major subjects. Ready? Begin!


  1. In the ongoing battle of the brothers, who’s winning? [Answer Here]
  2. Why am I still unpopular with some of the other parents in the neighborhood? [Answer Here]
  3. Why do we have to keep a close eye on Nana whenever she’s holding a baby? [Answer Here]
  4. Why does my lovely wife have to remember not to watch squirrels in the park? [Answer Here]
  5. What is C’s weapon of choice around the house? [Answer Here]


  1. What does “Don’t go shopping!” mean? [Answer Here]
  2. What was N’s early word for food? [Answer Here]
  3. What is “Rash”? [Answer Here]
  4. Why do most parents hate Percy the train? [Answer Here]
    Bonus Question: What about fruit snacks? [Answer Here]
  5. What is another word for “Horse”? [Answer Here]


  1. Why did I have to give up eating cheese steaks for a while? [Answer Here]
  2. Ice cream is sometimes a nutritional requirement when visiting amusement parks. Why is that? [Answer Here]
  3. How many bites of vegetables are needed at each meal? [Answer Here]
  4. Which fruit is appropriate for an impromptu game of hide and seek? [Answer Here]
  5. What is C’s favorite candy? [Answer Here]


  1. How long does one have to maintain “Church Voice”? [Answer Here]
  2. How should one pass the time while waiting for one’s spouse to finish shopping? [Answer Here]
  3. When dealing with bossy strangers, what is the proper attitude to take? [Answer Here]
  4. Answer True or False: When feeding N, a strangely serious expression is a good thing. [Answer Here and Here]
  5. When awaking one’s spouse with a baby, what is to be avoided at all costs? [Answer Here]

There you have it! Score yourself 5 points for each answer (there are 20 questions). If you get over a 90, please let me know when you’ll be available for baby sitting!

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