Deep sleeper

Several months ago, I was awakened from the depths of sleep by C calling out “Daddy! Help! Help Daddy!”

Of course, I leapt out of bed and ran to his room. Flipping on the light, I saw that he had fallen in the little crack of space between his bed and the wall. He was wedged down there on his right side. His right arm was pressed tight against his chest and across his body, so his right hand was sticking straight up in the air. His left arm was lying limp on his body, and his feet were angled down. His chest was stuck between the bed and the wall.

And he was fast asleep.

I asked what happened, but he just snored.

I set about trying to pull him out, which was no easy feat. I couldn’t pull the bed away from the wall, or he’d fall the rest of the way. Lifting him up basically meant grabbing one of his arms and one of his legs and pulling. He was wedged in tight.

As I positioned and pulled and maneuvered, he grumbled. “No. No daddy. It’s not time to get up. No daddy.”

It took me about 5 minutes to get him up and back on his bed, but I’m pretty sure he never even woke up. In fact, he snored through most of it.

Now that’s a deep sleep.

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