On Monday, we celebrated having the day off by taking a bike ride. We have one of those kiddie trailers attached to my bike, so the kids can ride along while we pedal. We rode out to a park, played in the park for a while, and then went to get some lunch.

Lots of fun.

On the way back, however, the kids were tired and a bit cranky. They kept elbowing each other and calling out “Mo-om!”

Finally, N had had enough. The next time C leaned over to poke him, he held up one hand and said very sternly, “No. Time-out!”

C was so surprised that he stopped what he was doing and slumped back in his seat.

This isn’t the first time they’ve tried to put each other in time-out, but it was the only time that one of them had hit a tone commanding enough to stop the other in his tracks.

Now I’m waiting for them to try it on me.

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