We have discovered a great breakfast food for the kids. In the frozen food section of the grocery store, there are boxes of silver dollar sized pancakes. A plate of five of these things heats up in the microwave in about 45 seconds. Add a little maple syrup, and the kids have a breakfast that they absolutely love.

The other day, in fact, N decided to broaden his consumption of them.

After dinner was over, as J was going through her regular routine of trying to force fruit into them, N demanded “Pancake!”

Confused, J looked at him and said “pan-cake?”

He pointed dramatically at the microwave, “Pancake!”

We both burst out laughing. As the laughing died down (and N was still pointing at the microwave), C pointed dramatically at the cabinet where the goldfish crackers are stored. “Goldfish!”

We all looked at him, so he did it again: “Goldfish!”

N nodded and pointed at the same cabinet, “Cracker!”

Not wanting to be left out, I pointed at the freezer, “Rash!

A huge smile spread across C’s face. He looked at his momma and shouted “Rash!”

At this point, J was caught in a now familiar state: stuck laughing at the kids and glaring at me. While C & I waited (pointing imperiously towards the freezer), N finally figured it out. He nodded emphatically “Yah! Rash!” and pointed at the freezer too.

That tipped the balance in our favor. J broke down laughing and got us some rash.

It’s good to be the daddy.

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