C is getting to the point where he really, really doesn’t want to take naps. However, his body is used to them. So around 3pm every day, he gets both determined and sleepy. This combination makes for odd moods.

Yesterday, I walked in on C crying to his mom. Well, he seemed to be crying.

“Drips! No Drips!” He was wailing.

His mom was clearly trying hard not to chuckle.

He turned to me. “Daaadddyyyy! No Drips! No Drips!”

I looked at his mom for clarification, and she spoke up. “Are you upset that there are no drips coming from your eyes?”

C wailed “Yeah! I don’t want to take a nap.” Sniffle. “I’m crying.” sniffle. “But no drips!”

J looked at him “you mean tears, don’t you. No tears?”

“Yeah! From my eyes. No drips. I’m very sad. But no drips!” sniffle. “very sad. I don’t want to take a nap.”

Not having much to add to this particular conversation, I told C that it was very sad that he wasn’t able to cry properly, but perhaps a nap would help. Then I hung around in the background and listened. He was really working hard to convince his mom that he was, in fact, crying – and that the lack of drips was a sad and upsetting mystery. J, on the other hand, was having a great time working in some really good one-liners. I particularly liked her “I’ll give you something to drip about” line. That was a nice twist on an old classic.

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