Me Tarzan

We watched Tarzan (the Disney version) a couple weeks ago during movie night. It was, all things considered, a bit of a mistake. Some of those scenes were awfully darned scary for a 3 year old and a one year old.

Nonetheless, C now loves Tarzan. In fact, he frequently announces “I’m Tarzan!”

When his mom made the mistake of using his real name, he said “No, I’m Tarzan! I’m Tarzan and you’re Jane!”

“I’m Jane? Okay, I’m Jane.”

Having established his identiry, Tarzan sat on the couch and said, in the most commanding voice you can imagine, “Jane! Water, Jane! Water!” He held out his hand, waiting for ‘Jane’ to put the demanded cup of water in it.

I just about fell off my chair, laughing.

However, I am keeping an eye on things. If being Tarzan gets him that kind of service…well, let’s just say that I could be okay with wearing a loincloth for a while.

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