We Have to be Patient

Even though C is potty trained, he still doesn’t always admit when he has to go. We have to remind and sometimes even argue with him to get him to go. This isn’t terribly unusual from what I’ve heard and seen with other 3 year olds.

The other morning, I had a protracted argument with him about going potty. I always make him go when he wakes up, and he always goes, but some mornings he just doesn’t want to. This was one of those mornings, and we fought about it for about 10 minutes before he went.

He was feeling a little sick that day, so we sat and watched some TV together. Soon a television show called “Johnny and the Sprites” came on. It’s a short little “mini-show” that’s only about 5 minutes long. This particular episode was about “patience”. It was teaching the kids about how it’s important to be patient, even though it can be hard sometimes.

Being the good parent that I am, I tried to reinforce the message. “Patience. Yes, it’s good to be patient. Right, big guy?”

C nodded. “Right. Like when I didn’t want to go potty, but you really wanted me to go. You just need to be patient.”

Um. Er. Um. Yeah. Like that. Except more about you and less about me.


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