Some nights, C has nightmares. He calls them “mean dreams”, and they are quite traumatizing for him. Around 4:00 this morning, C came running into our room. He had apparently had a mean dream about pirates, and he wanted to sleep with us.

Breaking from our standard policy, we decided to allow it. While J went to check on his little brother to make sure he hadn’t been awakened, C climbed into bed.

After tucking him in, I rolled over, saying “Goodnight, big guy”.

“Good night big guy,” he replied. Then, after a pause, “You’re a big guy too!”

Yup. I’m a big guy too.

“And I’m a little guy. I’m a big guy and a little guy. I’m both.”


“Momma’s not a big guy, though.”


“She’s a little lady.”

That’s right. A little lady.

“And a big lady too! She’s both.”

Hmm… You might not want to share that with her.

“Oh, okay.”

J returned and climbed into bed, and the three of us had about 3 minutes of quiet before he couldn’t contain himself any more.

“Momma, you’re a big girl!”


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