Pudding Face

Of our two boys, the older is truly the specialist in being bad. His little brother, however, is starting to come into his own. One night last week was a great example. J was off with her friends and I was flying solo with the kids. After dinner, I broke out the chocolate pudding for dessert.

It was good stuff, made all the better by the smidgeon of whipped cream dolloped on top.

Afterwards, I wiped everyone’s face and started clearing the dishes. I should have started with the pudding bowl. After my first trip to the sink, I came back to find N with his face and hands covered in chocolate. Before he was aware of my intentions, I darted to the counter, grabbed a wet-wipe (possibly the best invention ever), and then stepped back to clean him off.

I should have grabbed two. After his hands were clean, the wipe was a mass of chocolatey brown goo.

I looked at his innocent little face. He was smiling, but not, I thought, in a malicious way. It seemed to me more of a “mm…pudding.” smile. I said “stay right there” and stepped over to grab another wipe.

Big mistake. As soon as I let go of him, he took off running to the den.

I shouted “wait! stop!”, grabbed  a wipe, and gave chase. Normally, of course, you’d grab the child first – but I’d already cleaned his hands. The only real chocolatey part of him was his face. What could he do with his face?

When I came around the corner of the couch, he was standing on the other side of the ottoman, grinning at me. He was holding his hands over his head like a monkey. I smiled and said “come-here, you.”

He smiled back – and smashed his face into the ottoman. His pudding covered face. On to our clean ottoman.

As I lunged forward, he kept his face face down on the ottoman, laughing into the cushion.

I had to lift him up off the ground to break contact between his face and the cushion – and then he buried his face into my shoulder, still laughing.

There will come a reckoning, little man. There will come a reckoning.

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