Swimming Challenged

A couple months back, I took the kids to visit Nana and Grampa at the shore. It was too cold to swim at the beach, so we went down to their condo’s indoor pool. We had a great time, but for one small mishap.

C had apparently forgotten all his swimming lessons from the previous summer. He didn’t want to go under water. He wouldn’t swim to the edge of the pool. He didn’t want to jump in. Nothing.

All he wanted to do was hold on to a gigantic foam “noodle” that Nana let him play with. It’s bright pink and virtually unsinkable, making it a great little thing for a toddler to cling to in the pool.

I stayed close, of course, and tried to convince him to try swimming.

“I can’t,” he said.

“Why not?” I pressed.

“Because I lost my swimming lessons.”


“Yep. It’s very sad. I lost my swimming lessons. Too bad!”

It looks like we’re going to be trying to find his swimming lessons this summer. I have a pretty good idea as to where they might be.

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