We’ve found a new place for swimming lessons for the boys – one that’s not quite so traumatic as the YMCA was. For one thing, the pool is actually heated, so the little guys aren’t having to deal with both drowning and hypothermia at the same time.

N has been taking classes for a couple weeks now, while C has been at school. The other day, though, N’s class coincided with C’s day off, so he got to ride along to the swim lessons. They are at a place in Casselberry, which is a town not too far from where we live.

C was extremely excited about going to Casselberry, though neither J nor I could figure out why.

When they finally got there, however, all that excitement turned to disbelief.

“Naaawww… This isn’t Casselberry. You’re being silly, momma!  This isn’t Casselberry.”

Throughout the rest of the day, he maintained that wherever they’d gone it was not, in fact, Casselberry. He thought momma was just teasing him. Apparently, it shaped up to be somewhat similar to the horse/cow debate that they used to get into. That night at dinner, J tried it out on me, saying “we went to the swim lessons in Casselberry today.”

Immediately, C piped up. “Naaaawwww…Silly momma. That wasn’t Casselberry!”

At that point, we finally heard what he was saying: “Castle Berry”

So, in a way, both of them were right.

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