Mean Girls

Last night C woke up having to go the bathroom, so I went in to help him out.
As I sat there waiting for him to do his business, he looked at me.and said “Daddy, I love you.”
Awww. I love you too, big guy.
“And, and I really like nice girls.”
Oh yeah? Me too.
“But not mean girls. I don’t like mean girls.”
“No, if you see a mean girl, you have to run away. As fast as you can. You run really fast.”
Oh yeah?

“Yeah, cause if they catch you, they put you in the hole”
Uh, the hole?
“Yeah, the hole. If you see a mean girl, you have to run – or else she’ll put you in the hole.”
Hmm… Okay. I’ll stay away from mean girls, then.
“Yep. And Alligators. Mean girls and alligators.”

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