An old battle revisited.

The boys and I continue to enjoy the “Quick as a Cricket” book. Now, of course, it’s more something that N and I do. C has pretty much grown out of it.

I was reading it with N the other day when we reached the “Strong As An Ox” page. N pointed at it and said “Dinosaur!”

“No that’s an ox” I replied.



“Dinosaur! I said Dinosaur!”

“No, Ox.”


These are the sorts of loops that get old quickly. I called out to C (who was playing with his trains) and held the book up so he could see the page. “Hey Big Guy, What is this a picture of?” Yes, I realize that I was playing dirty. Recruiting help to win an argument is never a nice thing to do.

C looked up, shouted “Ox”, and went back to playing.

I gave N a significant look. “Can you say ‘Ox’?” I asked.

He looked steadily back at me with a strangely serious expression on his face, and, after a brief but significant pause, said “Cow!”

Uh-oh. This is one battle I don’t want to be a part of.

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