Good morning

C has been waking up earlier and earlier these days. I get up at 6, so it hasn’t been too much of an issue for me.

This morning, however, we heard the little guy wake up at 5:30. It wasn’t too long before he came running into our room jumped up on our bed, and climbed between the two of us.

“Hey, big guy,” I said. “You’ve got to sleep later than this. You’re going to be tired all day.”

“I know. I tried.” He said.

“You tried?”

“Yep. I tried and tried. But sometimes… sometimes, I just don’t listen.”

“You don’t listen?” I asked. I could see his momma grinning from ear to ear on the other side of him.

“Nope. I wanted to stay in bed. I tried to stay asleep – but sometimes… sometimes I just don’t listen.”

He rolled over and cuddled up close to his smiling momma.

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