Hooray, Girls!

There seems to be a dizzying array of activities out there for toddlers to choose from: gymnastics, t-ball, swimming, karate, music… the list goes on and on. Fortunately, many of these have trial days, where you can take your little guy in and see if he likes it.

We did this with the boys with a local gymnastics class. Part of the reason we chose this class was because they were very well set up –  including a waiting area where parents could wait with another child. That’s perfect for us. When it came to the day of the class, we discovered that it was a mini-exhibition, with the kids showing off for their parents. This meant that one parent for each child was actually in the “gym” with the kids, while the others (like me) were left in the waiting room, watching through the windows.

I’ll resist the urge to brag about C, though he did give me much to brag about. Okay, I should have said “I’ll try to resist the urge to brag”.

In any case, this tale isn’t about him. It’s about his little brother, who was out in the waiting room with me.

At the end of the class, each child climbed up on to a balance beam and received a medal. After each one got a medal, he or she stayed up on the beam, while the next one joined him.

As soon as I realized what was happening, I started preparing N for the appropriate moment. When C got his medal, we both threw our hands up and let out with a thunderous “Hooray!”

Then N looked at the girl standing next to him and threw his hands up again “And Hooray, Girl!”

“Huh? Okay. Hooray, Girl!” I said.

“And Hooray Other Girl!” He shouted.

Now people were starting to look at us. I smiled awkwardly and said ”Um, hooray, other girl”

“Hooray, Girls! Hooray, Girls!” He shouted, hopping up and down and waving his arms.

Okay, that’s enough now.


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