One of the big lessons we’ve worked on with the kids is saying “I’m sorry” when they do something that hurts someone else. It seems like a good idea, but now I’m starting to wonder if we’ve gone a little too far.

The other day N jumped off the ottoman on to the couch. His mom really doesn’t like him to do this, and I have to admit it looks pretty scary. He stands up on the ottoman, puts his hands straight out to either side, and then jumps. He lands face down on the couch and giggles. We dread the day that he misses and does a face plant into the floor.

In any case, as soon as he landed, I called out sharply to him. He stood up, looked at me, and then at the couch.

He gently stroked the cushion with his hand. “Oh. Sorry, couch. Sorry!”

Then he walked away.

Hmm… Perhaps we’ve taken this apologizing thing a little too far.

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