The Wishing Well

In front of the Corpus Christi Aquarium, there is a series of rather fascinating water features. One combines with statues to look like it’s the blow hole of a whale you’re walking on. Another makes it look as though you’re walking through a waterfall. A third is a whale’s tale that appears to be in mid-slap.

And, of course, there’s one that people throw money into.

We don’t usually do that. Money is, for us, rather hard to come by. Tossing it in a fountain has never really appealed to me. However, the kids spotted the money and their momma explained that people toss coins in and make wishes.

The clamor started well before her explanation was over, of course, so I had time to dig in my pockets for some pennies. Fortunately, I had four.

I handed one to C. He stepped up and started to throw it in, but I stopped him. “Wait a minute! Don’t forget to make a wish. What are you wishing for?”

He thought for a second and then said “Sharks!” and threw the penny in.

I gestured for his little brother, but he was being shy, so I held my penny up. “A really good lunch!” I shouted and threw the penny in.

The little guy still didn’t want to, so his momma stepped up. “Umm… A fun day!” she said as she tossed her penny in.

Finally, N stepped up to the fountain. Like his brother, he started to throw it in without a wish. I stopped him. “What do you wish for? Nice and loud!”

He barely paused, and then threw the penny in with a mighty shout of “Money!”

That’s my boy.

As it turned out, three of the four wishes came true, so maybe there’s something to this wishing well stuff. We’re still waiting for the money, though.

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