The Tables Are Turned

Few things are as satisfying as watching your toddler be fed a taste of his own medicine. The other day I was in the kitchen when I heard the two boys playing together. C wanted to pretend that he was the Beast from Beauty and the Beast, and he wanted his little brother to join in the game.

“Okay, now say ‘Oh!’”. He pointed to his chest. “I’m the Beast!”

I think the “Oh!” was supposed to be a gasp of surprise, but N didn’t get that. He just nodded and said “Oh, I’m the Beast!”

“No, I’m the Beast! Say ‘Oh!’”

“Oh, I’m the Beast!”

“No, I’m the Beast! Say ‘oh!’”

“Oh, I’m the Beast!”

Now C was getting frustrated. I could tell because his voice went up an octave. “No, I’m the Beast!”

“Oh, I’m the Beast!”

This was too much. C shouted at his little brother, “No! I’m the Beast! Just say ‘Oh!’”

N smiled and sang out “Oh-oh-oh-oh” and did a little dance, stomping his feet and shaking his hands. It was kind of like his pizza dance, actually.

C wailed “Noooooo!”

He looked over at me to try to get some help, but I was laughing too hard. I did manage to gasp out a “Oh, I’m the Beast!” between chuckles.


Heh, heh, heh. I’m sure I’ll pay for that some day, but it was totally worth it.

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