You’re a man

I think I’ve mentioned before that we’re currently deep in an “imaginative play“.phase. This is easily the most surprising phase of C’s development.

The other night, for example, we had some friends over. At one point, as we were sitting around talking, C announced to one of them “You’re a man!”

“No I’m not!” she said.

“I’m just pretending!”.

“Oh. So I’m a man?” she said.

“Yes. You’re a man, and I’m a lady.”

Terri was willing to give it a try. “Okay. How do I be a man?”

“You take your breasts off.”


He repeated his instructions. Terri managed to keep her composure, which was better than the rest of us could do. After a little back and forth, she said “Okay, how do you be a lady?”

“I put some breasts on!”

That led to the question of how such a thing could be done, and all the adults joined in adding their suggestions. Rolled up socks inside the shirt was the best one.

Faced with the prospect of actually pretending he had breasts, C apparently came to his senses. “No, ” he said. “Never mind. Let’s not play that game.”

Yes, I thought to myself. Let’s not.

I’m still recovering from his favorite color. I’m not ready for cross-dressing.

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