The Bat Signal

This is not the daddytale I intended to post today. I was actually typing up today’s tale when I was interrupted by screaming from downstairs. Now that I’ve dealt with the screaming, I’ve decided to write it up as an instant daddytale. I don’t usually do this, but we’ll see how it goes.

Now, to get back to the tale… I was upstairs on the computer when I heard the shouting start. Shouting isn’t completely unusual, so I didn’t worry about it. Unfortunately, it quickly escalated to screaming and shouting.

In our house, screaming is the equivalent of the batsignal. You have to respond. I left the computer and leapt down the stairs to see what was going on. I’d continue the Batman analogy, but I twisted my ankle slightly on the way down. Never fear, however. I’ll recover.

I stumbled into the den to find the two boys sitting at their table, watching TV and screaming. Actually, only N was screaming. His big brother was shouting “No! Keep it down! I can’t hear the TV! Shhh! Quiet! I can’t hear!”

Needless to say, this was not helping things. After I stopped the noise, I started the investigation as to exactly what was going on. The crime, it turned out, had been committed by C. He had stolen his little brother’s chocolate milk.

In fact, it was still in his hand. He had been sipping from it in between shouts at his little brother to keep quiet.

Now that’s cold: steal your brother’s chocolate milk and then yell at him for disturbing your TV watching.

However, I confess that I’m mildly disappointed. Clearly, the appropriate way to pull off such a crime would have been to pretend to hide the chocolate milk in his bedroom. That would have bought him enough time to watch his show and finish the milk before I arrived to foil his evil plot.

I didn’t share this with the little miscreant, however. Instead, I righted the wrong and returned to my batcave. Er, I mean computer.

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