Sometimes as parents, we’re granted little flashes of insight into how our kids are thinking. The other day we were gifted with just such a moment.

It was approaching dinner time, and the kids were playing with a toy school bus in the kitchen. This particular bus has places in it where the “little people” figures can sit. It holds six little people. The kids take them out and put them in, drive the bus around, and come up with all sorts of imaginary scenarios.

I had just finished setting the table, and was sitting there watching them play.when momma showed up. “C’mon guys, it’s time to wash up for dinner.”

No response.

They’re both particularly talented at giving no response, and when they do it simultaneously, it’s quite maddening. Momma did what I usually do: she got louder. “C’mon! Let’s go!”

This time, C looked over at his younger brother and said in an urgent whisper. “Hurry! We have to finish before she says it again!”

Whoops. I don’t think he realized that his “whisper” was clearly audible to everyone involved.

I’ve a feeling that momma isn’t going to be saying things three times any more.

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