More Improv

Ever since our night of singing, C has been having a great time creating his own songs. Most of the time, he’s still in stream of consciousness mode, but everyone once in a while he comes out with a coherent gem.

The other night I was flying solo leading up to the bedtime routine. He and his brother were playing peacefully, but it was getting late, so I thought I’d start prepping them for bedtime.

“Hey guys, it’s almost time for bed.”

He looked over at me, stood up, and belted out a pretty good tune:

Say Hooray, Big Guy,
Yes Hooray, Big Guy
It’s almost time for bed –
You know it’s true…

But if I say no,
Yes if I say no,
Then I won’t have to go

How’s that for a distraction from bedtime?

The first stanza was to the tune of “Hello Dolly” I’ve no idea where he heard “Hello Dolly”. The second stanza starts out the same way, but the last line broke the rhythm.

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