Grumpy Morning

N tends to be grumpy when he wakes up. He often doesn’t want to be lifted out of his crib, and then once I do manage to wrestle him out all he wants to do is cuddle.

In the past, I’ve had reasonably good luck with getting down to the crib level and laughing – or playing hide and seek around the sides of the crib.

The other day, however, as soon as I went in he cried out “Noooo!”

“What is it, little guy?”

“I want Momma! No Daddy! I want Momma!”

Hmph. “Are you sure you don’t want Daddy?”

“No! I want Momma! Mommmyyyyy!”

Okay. I closed the door and left the room.

Momma was in the kitchen when I came in to get my breakfast. When she heard what happened she started to go get the little guy, but I managed to stop her.

Pretty soon we heard the wail over the monitor: “Mommmyyyy!”

I went back in. “Are you sure you don’t want daddy?”

“No, Momma! Mommmyyy!”

So I left again. We repeated this routine four or five times, and I really thought I was going to win.  Unfortunately, I didn’t.

Our timing in the morning is pretty tight, and after half an hour or so, we had to get him up so he could make it to preschool on time. His momma got him, of course.

Sometimes it sucks to be the daddy.

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