A shared moment

Taking a two year old to a public restroom is really not that difficult a task. However, when I am the one who needs to use the facilities, things get more challenging. First off, I’m not a fan of having them in the stall with me. I suppose I shouldn’t be so squeamish, but I just don’t like it. Obviously, I can’t put myself in the stall and leave the two year old outside. The obvious solution is the urinal.

Using the urinal, however, is problematical. When I do that, N likes to get rambunctious. I’ll be standing there doing my thing – and suddenly he’ll run up and leap into the back of my knees.

I’m not very understanding of that.

Consequently, the public restroom has become a fairly stern place for us. There are certain things they are simply not allowed to do. Their response to this, of course, has been to try to find ways of amusing themselves.

During this last vacation, I was in the restroom at zoo Atlanta with N. Hearing a strange pattern of footsteps, I looked over my shoulder to see him spinning in the middle of the room. He faltered when he saw me looking so I reassured him. “It’s okay little man. You can dance or spin if you want to.”

He went back to spinning.

I finished up and turned around to see another little toddler had taken his place spinning around the bathroom floor. My little guy was standing under the electric hand dryer, letting it blow on his head.

The other toddler’s father was washing his hands at the sink. I caught his eye and we shared a shrug.

“Good day for a spin”


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