Not With Momma!

One of the neat rides at Walt Disney World is a Goofy themed rollercoaster for little ones. A couple years ago, as our four year old was growing closer and closer to being tall enough to ride, he just couldn’t wait. Every time we went to the park, the first thing we’d ask was if we could ride the rollercoaster.

Finally, he was tall enough. He and I rode on it – and had a blast. As we got off, he kept saying “scary. Scared. I’m scared. Can we ride again?”

Then he went on it with his momma. She has a peculiar behavior on rollercoasters: she screams. Even on the Goofy rollercoaster, she screams.

This was too much for the little guy. When they came off, he was an absolute wreck. He didn’t want to go on it again. He never wanted to go on it again.

In fact, I’ve since taken him on the Run-Away Train and Splash Mountain – both of which are much scarier. He still doesn’t want to go back on the Goofy Rollercoaster.

Some things are better with daddy.

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