Interviewing Toddlers

Both of the boys love to perform. If you hand either one of them anything that looks even vaguely like a microphone, they’ll hold it up and start right in. Sometimes they sing. Sometimes they tell stories. But they always start out by imitating an announcer: “Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls, and next we have…” and then they announce whatever their performance is going to be. It’s really kind of cute.

Unfortunately, sometimes they get stuck in the announcing part, and end up announcing the same thing over and over and over.

The other day, C was walking around with a drum stick announcing that the Lion King show would, in fact, be starting at any moment. Grasping for something better to do, I suggested we interview each other.

After a brief explanation of that, he was on board. I grabbed the toy microphone (instead of the drum stick) and sat down with the two of them. Soon we were asking each other questions and holding the microphone out for answers.

We stuck to the softball questions: favorite color, age, that sort of thing.

Then C wanted to switch things around. He wanted to pretend that he was daddy. I was going to pretend that I was C, and N was going to pretend that he was their momma. It was pretty cool. We asked each other questions and corrected each other when we got them wrong.

The high point came when I asked C, “Daddy, what’s your favorite food?”

“Chicken,” he said. Then he smiled and added in a stage whisper “and frogs!”

Hey, I eat what I eat.

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