A good one-liner

For some reason, perhaps because of Billy Blazes, the kids are fascinated by the idea of tornadoes. Unfortunately, they’re not quite able to say the word “tornado.” Instead, they say “tomato.”

The other day they were playing outside, pouring water down the slide. Apparently, there was hot lava gushing down the slide, and they were using the water to cool it off. After successfully saving the world from this catastrophe, one of them looked at the other. “Oh no! It’s a tomato!”

After running around in a circle for a little bit, they came running over to where I was sitting and pretending to read a book. “Oh no, daddy! It’s a tomato!

“A tomato is coming!”

“What’ll we do?”

“It’s a tomato!”

“Quick, daddy, quick, a tomato is coming!”

“What’ll we do?”

They both looked at me, expectantly. “Make ketchup?” I asked.

Hey now, come on. That setup was way too good. I mean, how often do you have that much time to come up with a joke? I couldn’t resist. It was simply too perfect. I didn’t have any choice. Really!

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