Name in Vain

The kids go to a pre-school that is associated with a church. This isn’t that unusual. Most preschools around here are associated with churches. Sometimes, however, it leads to strangeness.

Yesterday, while I was in the kitchen cooking dinner (and my wife was taking her traditional Mother’s Day nap), I heard the following little tune come wafting in from the kids’ bedroom. They had (apparently) created some new lyrics to “Bingo”…

“J – E – S – U – S,
J – E – S – U – S,
J – E – S – U – S,
And Jesus was his name – oh!”

I managed to interrupt them before they got to the “There was a dog. He had a name and…” part, but no they didn’t get in trouble. In fact, as soon as they saw me poke my head around the door, they collapsed into laughing. 

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