The Critic

Have you been to the America’s Pavilion at Epcot? It’s pretty cool. There’s an acapella singing group there called the Voices of Liberty. Everybody sits on the floor under a big domed ceiling, and the Voices of Liberty do their performance right in the middle. The acoustics are great, and the performers do a fantastic job of getting the crowd involved.

We arrived a little early the other day, having gone straight there from the Japanese drum show, so we had the best seats in the house – on the floor as close to the singers as possible.

I was sitting Indian style with the 2 year old in my lap, and the 4 year old leaning against my knees. After the first song ended, the two year old leaned over to whisper to me.

“I like the girls better,” he said.

I nodded. That was okay by me. I liked them better too. Halfway through the next song, however, he took it up a notch.

“I wish the boys would stop singing,” he whispered.

Sheesh. I wonder what he whispers about my singing!

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