Harsh Truths

Over the years, we have accumulated quite a few of those wooden “Thomas the Train Engine” trains. Nonetheless, the kids have their favorites. If I’m in the room with them, this can be a problem. They turn to me to resolve every little dispute over who gets to play with which engine or train car.

Once this starts happening, I typically leave the room. It’s better that they learn to work things out.

Of course, I still enjoy listening over the baby monitor, and the other day, the oldest came up with a line that I’d never heard before. His little brother (who is fast approaching 3 years old) was grumbling about not having enough trains, when I heard him say in a loud strong voice “Listen! You get what you get and you’re happy to get it!”

I’ve no idea where he heard that from, but it sent his little brother over the edge. He burst out crying, and ran to tell on his older brother. This, of course, meant that they both came running out.

I discretely switched off the monitor.

Unfortunately, as they were tumbling over each other trying to out-talk themselves, I couldn’t stop chuckling.

I’m afraid this didn’t help things very much – but hey, that’s okay. They get what they get and they’re happy to get it, right?

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