Making Wishes

C is in a flower-plucking mode these days. When he sees a pretty flower, he wants to pick it. We’re working on convincing him that the flowers are prettier where they are, but it’s a slow process.

The other day, I had the boys with me running errands and they were completely sick of going from store to store to store. As we left the book store and were walking back to the car, C plucked a flower. Everyone was tired, so I decided to let it slide.

Once we got in the car, he started plucking the petals off the flower and making a wish with each one. I could hear him wishing as we drove. His little brother was practically asleep.

“I wish to go home” was his first wish. He paused after he plucked the petal, apparently waiting for something to happen, and then sighed and plucked another.

“I wish to go on an adventure.”

Still no luck.

“I wish to have some ice cream.”


Finally, after going through a fairly long list of wishes, he was getting down to just a couple petals left. It was clear he was pretty dejected at having so many wishes ignored. He plucked the next petal. “I wish to go to the next parking place.”

As luck would have it, we were in the hardware store parking lot. I immediately pulled into first spot.

Immediately, he brightened up. “Hey! It worked!”

Hey, I do what I can, you know?

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