More Peanuts

Some of you may remember the first story about N discussing “peanuts” with Nana. If not, be warned that this one is equally inappropriate for mixed company…

Now that he’s almost three years old, his pronounciation has improved dramatically. Instead of saying “peanuts” for his privates, he says “peanus”.

So when he walked up to me the other night and said “Daddy, I have a peanus,” I immediately knew what he was talking about. However, I was also watching Cars with his older brother and really didn’t want to get into a long discussion.

So I just said “Yep.”

“A long peanus.” he said.


“A long, long, long peanus”

“We’re kind of watching a movie here.”

“It’s this long!” he said, holding his hands about a foot apart.

“I don’t think so,” I said. “but why don’t you check with your momma?”

Unfortunately, he didn’t.



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