Father’s Day 2007

My Father’s Day story from 2005 is still probably in the top 20 most popular tales I’ve written. This year’s Father’s Day effort is, rather tragically, quite different.

At church this past Father’s Day, I was in charge of our two year old. I should probably stop calling him that. He’s going to be three in a week. In any case, he sat on my lap during the service. This isn’t usually too much of a problem. He understand about Church Voice and does a pretty good job keeping quiet.

However, on this particular Sunday, he seemed very affectionate and playful. He kept rubbing my face with his hands, putting his cheek against mine, grabbing on to my chin, that kind of thing. It was a great Father’s Day moment – until he spoke.

Holding my head tilted back, with his little cheek pressed against mine so he could look up at me, he said “Daddy, you have the biggest booger up there! I can’t even see it all!”

The whole time I thought he was being affectionate, he’d actually been trying to tilt my head back and peer up my nose.

I held him away at arm’s length and just looked at him.

He held his hands apart about as far as they would go. “It’s huge!”

Sheesh. I hope everyone had a happy father’s day!

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