Ah, Nikita

We took the boys to a local playground (Central Winds Park) this past Sunday. It was loads of fun. There’s a play structure there that is literally three stories tall. It has bridges, climbing walls, ladders, slides… pretty much everything. In fact, two of the slides start at the top of the three story tower and wind themselves all the way down.

Really, it’s amazing.

When I’m at a playground with the boys, of course, I play with them. Once they start playing with the other kids, though, I back off. That’s what happened this time. There was a seven year old girl who wanted to get in on the pirates game that my two boys were playing.

They had a great time, running all over the place, and playing. At one point, as everyone was taking a water break, I found myself sitting next to C (who is now almost five years old). I asked him her name.

“Nikita,” he said. “She’s my friend.”

“That’s great.” I said.

“Yeah, she wasn’t my friend. She was a stranger, but now she’s my friend.”

I nodded, and tried out my smalltalk skills. “Yep. Nikita’s a pretty name. I don’t think we know anyone else named Nikita.”

“Yeah, she’s really pretty, and her name’s Nikita, and when we grow up, when we grow up…” he was very excited now. “when we grow up, I’m gonna… I’m gonna…” He gave out a big sigh and said ”Oh, never mind.” Then he ran off to play.

I guess he likes older women.

I’ve been trying to figure out what he was going to say, and I have to admit it’s kind of driving me crazy. Unfortunately, you can finish a sentence that starts with “I’m gonna…” in so many different ways. I’ll probably never know.

In any case, I’m happy to report that his second significant romantic encounter went significantly better than his first one!

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