When I’m a daddy…

If I had been smart, I would have written down all the times I’ve heard one of the boys start a sentence with “when I’m a daddy…”

Unfortunately, I haven’t been that smart.

A few weeks back, however, C came up with this little conversation-stopper. We were eating dinner, and the boys have been trying really hard to take part in polite conversation. Like every other parent, we want the kids to take turns when speaking, not talk over others, wait for appropriate breaks in the conversation.

When you describe all the things you have to keep in mind, it really does sound ridiculously complicated. The boys have been doing their best to get it right, though.

On this particular day, C waited for a break in the chatter and then loudly announced “When I’m a daddy, I’m gonna to go to Iowa and get a Papaya”

Hmm… Okay.

Do they have papaya’s in Iowa?

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