Surprising Goodbyes

We went out on a fishing trip during my wife’s family reunion in Texas this past weekend. It was a pretty big trip: four hours, sixty something people fishing, lots of fun. As we were leaving, the captain stood on the edge of the boat, thanking us for coming and shaking hands.

He held out his hand to N (who was in my arms) and promptly had it slapped.

Fortunately, he recognized a high five when he saw one. He smiled and said “All Right!” While J and I tried to remind the little guy about the etiquette of shaking hands, the captain held his hand up for C to high five.

C stepped in under the captain’s outstretched hand and rubbed his belly.

I have no idea where that came from.

The captain took a surprised step backwards, but stopped himself before he pitched over the side of the boat. We laughed, tried to apologize, and left as quickly as we could.

As we walked away, C was shaking his head. “He had a hairy belly. Hairy belly!”

For the record, the captain had a shirt on. I have no idea how C decided he had a hairy belly.

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