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If you’ve been reading along, you’ve no doubt realized that our two boys sometimes seem as different as two people can get.  This was really driven home to me the other day as we were cleaning up. They had been playing some sort of game with their mom that involved extremely large plastic bowls.

I’m not exactly sure what it was, but it must have been fun because it left one heck of a mess. I arrived in the kitchen at the end of the cleanup of the game, just as their mom was saying “Okay, now put your bowls in the sink and we’re done.”

N, the three year old, grabbed his bowl, ran to the sink and went up on his tip toes so he could push it in. Then he tried to peer over the counter to make sure it had landed okay. “Mom? Mom?” he asked, “is this okay? Did it go in the right place?”

His mom assured him it was fine.

Meanwhile, his older brother (who is now 5) had put the bowl upside down on top of his head. It was so big that all you could see what his chin. “You can’t see me!” he shouted as he ran through the kitchen. “Look, you can’t see me! I’m hiding!”

Then he slammed into the counter. He bounced off, the plastic bowl having apparently protected his head, laughed crazily, and staggered away talking and laughing about how we couldn’t see him.

My life is a sitcom.

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